National Parks


Worldwide, national reserves occupy 1, 7 % of a terrestrial land and in some countries on much more. In Georgia as which on landscape varies it is possible to be considered as world laboratory. Count up national reserves, a total area 1688 km. and it makes 2.4 % of territory of Georgia. Above mentioned 8 reserves are considered as greater and their territories will exceed 100 km. there are mini reserves which territories don’t exceed some square km. the world community on protection of the nature, 13 reserves of Georgia are used in national parks and the closed territories.


The reserve Pitsunda – Miusera consists of three parts: these are pine woods of Pitsunda oak wood Lidzava and large forest Miusera which is at top of Miusera and Covaliuca and consists of completely of dry oak trees. Fir forests grow in gorges, and at sharp tops of Miusera are located between terrestrial vegetative plants. Especial popularity uses pine woods of Phitsunda which is located in seaside where there is known resort Phitsunda.


Creation of reserve Ritsa, has been conceived for preservation and studying of the Kolkheti, average mountains after volumes and flatter files. Here we meet relactive and endemic trees, handicraft plants and high-mountainous fauna. The reserve is in southwest territory of Abkhazia, in area Gudauty, on northern slopes of Caucasia. Territory of reserve it is completely occupied by a wood. Especial interest causes lake Ritsa which involves with the beauty, every year one thousand tourists visit the reserve.


The reserve consists of 3 parts. The most ancient site of reserve Gumista which is in gorge, at top of 250 – 2200m. the most part of territory occupies polydominant woods where trees from the Chestnut grow, Beech and Needles. The second sites which name a site Pskhu, it has been created for preservation untouched and unique flora of Abkhazia. Third site Skrucha occupies on less area of territory. Created the third part for preservation of the Willow, the Oak, and so on.


Sataflia – reserve Kolheti the smallest reserve in Georgia. It consists of two parts. The reserve Sataflia is in territory of Kutaisi. Here is a cave, which length 900m. in this territory it is revealed unique keep up of a dinosaur. Site Kolheti is in territory of Photi. Its main function is to keep crude plain and subtropical crude flatter and marsh landscapes.


The basic purpose of creation of reserve Kintrishi is protection of flora and fauna of average mountain woods. The main object of protection it hermiphilii, polydominants, Chestnut and beechen trees, endemic of evergreen kinds. The reserve is in Adcharia, inarea Kobuleti, in area of the rivers Kintrishi, between villages Skhemlovana and Khino. In due time gorges Kintrishi it has been populated and from the right side of the river Kintrishi there were some villages. Gradually from here have moved in area Kobuleti, but today these villages have turned in to counrty sites.


The basic part of reserve Adzhameti is the wood, which area occupies of 4848 hectares. Basically oak woods are presented. The basic purpose of reserve to keep the third relactive vegetation (the oak Imereti and Phskhilafotola Dzelkva). On arena 1km. Is ancient city of Vartsihe of Rodopolis.


Borjom-Kharagauli National park is one of the biggest parks in Europe. In 2007 the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park became a member of European network of Protected Areas – the Pan Park network. Membership in the network demonstrates the sustainable way in which the park is run.

Visitors to the park can enter via five entrances: Atskuri, Panavi, Nunisi, Borjomi and Marelisi, and all must register. Trails ranging from one day hikes to three day treks are marked, and sleeping cabins are available across the park


The reserve Liahvi is on top to basis of the river Small Liahvi. 80% of the territory of a site of reserve is occupied Oak, Beechen and Needles.


The basic task purpose of reservation of Algeti is to protect east Fur-tree Caucasian Needles. They are presented on the most east part. The reserve is located at a basis of the river Algeti, on northern slopes of mountain Trialeti. 90 % of reserve is occupied by woods.


Kazbegi National Park is located in the historical gorge on the northern slopes of the Caucasus range. The territory of Kazbegi Protected Areas is fragmented, with a total area of 8707 hectares. All of the Kazbegi National Park is mountainous. Its lowest part is located at 1400 m above sea level.

Kazbegi National Park is located on the northern slopes of Main Caucasus range, in the basin of the Tergi River in the Kazbegi district (gorge); lower marker of its territory is at a height of 1400 m above sea level, and the upper one is within 300 – 4100 m.Establishing of Kazbegi National Park serves the purpose of protection of the high mountain ecosystems.

Its relief is compex, mountainous and very rugged. Kazbegi National Park as well as the whole gorge are constructed with basalt formations such as quartzite, carbonaceous clay shales of the lower Lias age and argillaceous sediments of the lower Toarcian age, where there are many diabase layer-veins. The so-called lava pillows are part of the region’s geology. In Dariali gorge, and even to the south, everywhere, where the Tergi River has cut its way through the canyons, the slopes of the gorge are the perfect examples of the local geology. It is easy to see the basalt sec¬tions and lava layers in the cliffs.


The reserve Saguramo is in area of Mtsheta, in 10km. from Tbilisi, on slopes of mountains Saguramo. The reserve is created in the east of Georgia, in untouched sites is wide – sheet woods. For preservation of flora and fauna Kolheti.


The reserve Mariamdjvari is in area Sagaredzho. Its overall task to keep unique wood of Needles.


The overall task of creation of reserve Ahmeta scientifically to study it of natural complexes. All three reserves have special purpose and function.

Site Batsara – “Urtkhmela’s” woods

Site Babaneula – “Dzelqva’s” woods

Site Tusheti – landscapes of mountain Tusheti.

The basic part of reserve is occupied with woods and in the rest the maximum mountain are inclined.


The reserve Lagodehi is in a southeast part, between 450-3484m. heights. From east side there is a reserve have rolled up (Azerbaijan). In reserve the community of vegetation ofv Kavkasioni – Kakheti landscapes, from the bottom mountains subvinals landscapes, relactive and endemic kinds of flora and fauna is protected versions. They meet on northern slopes east Kavkasia.


The basic task of reservation of Vashlovani is preserve to it and complex studying of light large forests. They meet on extreme northern and east part of Georgia, from the north from plain Shchirakskoj. It consists of two parts. The basic Pantishara is part Vashlovani which is in a cave and from the south announcement Iori borders. The cave is between landscape of steppe and desert where rare large forests are presented, they from are similar on apple gardens. And name comes from – Vashlovani.