Villa Kursa

Villa Kursa  –  is situated in the little Kahetian wine-making village of Anaga, in the Gombori Hills with extraordinary views over the Alezani Valley to the Caucasus Mountains. You will not find this place in any tourist guide.
Historically it has always been the house of the village’s richest inhabitant, built in the 1930s with a large garden, which is home to a variety of fig, walnut, hazelnut, pomegranate, apricot, pear and persimmon trees.
You can plan each day’s activities before your trip or, having arrived at Villa Kursa, one day before. This will give you the opportunity to rest and relax – to go with your mood without having to worry about missing something or being late for something.

Villa  Kursa  offers  several  types of accommodation:

  • Standard  Room 
  • Deluxe  Room