Georgian Wineries


Day 1:     Arrival
                Overnight hotel in Tbilisi
Day 2:     Tbilisi City Tour:
Tbilisi Trinity Cathedral               Constructed  between  1995 and 2004. It is the
                                                          largest Orthodox churches in the world.
Metekhi                                           Church   5th century
Narikala                                           Fortress  4th century
Sioni                                                 Cathedral  18th century
Old Synagogue
Anchiskhati                                    Basilica   6th century
National Muzeuom Of Georgia
Bagrationi 1882                             First Sparkling wine factory in Caucasus (1882 y.), sparkling wine tasting
Sarajishvili                                      First Brandy factory in Caucasus (1884 y.), wine Brandy tasting.
Evening lunch   –   in the restaurant to taste Georgian traditional wine and delicacy.
Overnight hotel in Tbilisi
Day  3:    Tbilisi – Terjola – Kutaisi
Terjola                                              Meeteing with the wine specialist in “Khareba”wineries,wine tasting.
Kutaisi                                              Ancient capital of Kolchis kingdom
Bagrati                                             11th c. Cathedral
Motsameta                                      8th c.   Monastery Complex.
Lunch at the restaurant with Imeretian meals and wine.
Overnight hotel in Kutaisi
Day  4:    Kutaisi – Racha – Ambrolauri
Shaori reservoir
Nikortsminda                                  11th c. Church in Racha.
Chrebalo                                           village of region Racha. Meeting with the wine specialist in “Rachuli Wine” wineries, wine tasting. Chrebalo Winery has the century experience of wine producing. Currently “Rachuli Wine”  produces 10 variety of wines: “Khvanchkara” “Tetra” “Barakoni” “Alexandrouli”;  “Twishi”;  “Lomoido” and so on. These sort of wines are made from the unique grape varieties. “Alexandrouli”; “Mujuretuli” and “Rachuli Tetra”, which are cultivated in Western Georgia, on the steep slopes of the Rioni gorge in the Caucasian mountains.  It should be noted, that these variety of grapes are not cultivated in any region of Georgia except Racha. The wine produced by “Rachuli Wine”  has received various awards at  the International Exhibitions. During the World  War II, “Khvanchkara” wine was served at the negotiations table for the Grand Trio (Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill) in Teheran, Italy and Potsdam.
Alexandreuli  Winery                      The village of Bugeuli, meeteing with the wine specialist
                                                             in “Alexandreuli” wineries, wine tasting.
Traditional meals of Rcha, family wine tasting.
Overnight guest-house in Ambrolauri
Day  5:    Ambrolauri – Mtskheta – Tbilisi
Unesco World Heritage Sites: Mtskheta
Svetitskhoveli                                    5th c  Cathedral
Jvari                                                     6th c   Monastery
Shop Tour
Sulphur baths                                    naturally hot sulphur water baths
Overnight hotel in Tbilisi
Day 6:    Telavi – Badagoni – Telliani Vally – Naphareuli
Telavi                                                    Museum the King of Irakli II
Badagoni                                             Meeteing with the wine specialist in “Badagoni” wineries,
                                                               wine tasting.
Teliani Valley                                      Meeteing with the wine specialist in “Teliani Valley” wineries,
                                                               wine tasting. (Tsinandali  micro-zone).
Napareuli                                             Old wine Cellar, Wine testing,  Kakhetian bread bakery,
                                                               “Zavodi”– to make vodka,
Overnight hotel in Naphareuli

Day 7:    Napareuli  – Shato Telavi – Kindzmaraulis Marani – Khareba – Tbilisi
Shato Telavi                                        Visit the company “Chateau Telavi” which uses ancient traditions
                                                               of winemaking along with new European technology. You will also have
                                                               an   opportunity to taste the wine there.
Kindzmarauli                                       Meeteing with the wine specialist in “Kindzmaraulis marani” wineries,
                                                               Visit the vineyards,  (Kindzmarauli  micro-zone). Kindzmarauli wines
                                                               were used for special events at the King’s Palace.
                                                               Taste the elite brand of wines produced by the company.
Khareba                                               Meeteing with the wine specialist in “Khareba” wineries. Visit the wine
                                                               tunnel that is carved 7 km into the rock. It is unique with its location and
                                                               creates one of the best conditions for wine storage.
                                                               You can also taste wine in the tunnel hall.
Return to Tbilisi with unforgettable impressions.
Closing  evening                                Traditional Georgian wine and dishes accompanied by Georgian
                                                               Folk music at the best Tbilisi restaurant.
Overnight hotel in Tbilisi
Day  8:    Departure


The tour include regions of:    Inner Kartli. Mckheta- Mtianeti.  Imereti. Racha-Lechkhumi and lower Svaneti. Kakheti.


Rates Include:                                                                                             Rates Exclude:

•  2 x Airport transfer                                                                                 Single room accommodation.
•  Transportation: a/c Mini bus all Days                                                 Entrance fees.
•  Tour guide                                                                                                 Alcohol beverages. 
•  Excursions per program                                                                       Sulphur baths
•  1 bottle of mineral water per person/per day                                  Travel insurance.
•  Wine tasting 
•  Accommodation:
4 Overnight hotel in Tbilisi
1 Overnight hotel in Kutaisi
1 Overnight guest-house in Ambrolauri
1 Overnight hotel in Naphareuli