Surrounded by mighty 5,000 meter peaks and Europe’s highest mountain, Mt Elbrus (5,642 m), Mestia is a skiers dream, situated in the heart of Svaneti, one of Georgia’s most historic and unique areas. Until recently, Svaneti was best known for its superb house-towers, most of them dating back to the 12/13th centuries which line the valleys and served as look-out posts against the threat of invasion. It’s not surprising that Svaneti has always been a popular summertime holiday destination, but nowadays most tourists are looking to the mountains, not to the valley floor. Our brand new, high-speed quad lifts enable skiers to reach the 2,350m peak in total speed and comfort, all ready to experience the 2.6 km red run (if your nerves and skill can take it), or the gentler blue run if you want to take it easy. A beginner’s slope completes the area so that skiers of every level can enjoy one of the world’s most picturesque resorts. As the resort grows and develops, we also offer unique ski-tours, one or two-day trips to take you to places never skied before, including overnight stops in the high mountains. And when you’re not skiing, enjoy the shops, bars and restaurants of Mestia, including the local ice rink. Mestia Museum is a treasure trove of exquisite icons and artifacts gathered from Svaneti’s many remote churches and villages, preserved in this natural mountain fortress from centuries of pillagers.

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